Get time duration between 2 dates in php

We will show you how to get the time difference between to date in PHP.
For this, you need 2 dates From date and To dates. We will create a common function,  you just need to add the from date and to date in it then it will show you the result in an array. You can use this function anywhere in your code.

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Show Google sheet data to JSON

This topic is related to show the google sheet data on your website. This is only an Excel spreadsheet. You can use this sheet as a database of your website. So you don’t need any database if you are using the google sheet. As many none technical person is used the Excel sheet for the store and save their business

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Object Oriented Concepts (Oops)

Object Oriented Programming Oops is an important part of any programming language. Its play a big role in the programming language like c, c++, java, PHP so on. Object-Oriented Programming Oops is a programming langauge which is based on objects not only procedures and functions Object Oriented Concepts Class : Class is consist of methods and properties. A class is defined by using the class keyword, with the name of the class and a pair of curly braces {}. All its methods and properties goes inside the braces: Below is a class. In this simple class. $model is a property and hornBell() is a method. They are all prefixed with a visibility keyword (public).     <?php Class Car { public $model = “123456”; public function hornBell() { echo “Ding Dang Dong”; } } ?> Objects : Objects are also known as instance. You need to define a class one time and then create maltiple objects that belong to it. Objects of a class is created using the new keyword. To instantiate an object of a class, use the keyword new as below: <?php $car = new Car(); ?> Objects : Objects are also known as instance. You need to define a class onecontinue reading.

What is NuxtJS?

Nuxt is a javascript framework designed to give you a strong architecture following official Vue guidelines. Incrementally adaptable, it can be used to create from static landing pages to complex enterprise-ready web applications.
Nuxt js is a higher-level framework that builds based on Vue Js

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Nuxt JS Tutorial

In this nuxt js tutorial we well guide you the nuxtjs following things. 1) Nuxt js installation app basic setup 2) API integration 3) Slick slider 4) Load More post functionality 5) Bootstrap menu integration 6) PWA with nuxt js 7) Deploy on netlify (On free hosting)

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Infinite Scroll in Nuxt.js

For adding the Load More functionality in the nuxt js you need to install the Vue-infinite-loading here with npm npm install vue-infinite-loading -S Then you need to import this package in your post file like posts.vue file. Make sure you have installed the Axios import axios from ‘axios’ import Infinite

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PHP Syntax

Basic PHP Syntax A PHP code starts with <?php and ends with ?>: <?php // PHP code write here ?> PHP files extension is ".php". A PHP file contains HTML tags, and some PHP code.  continue reading.

PHP Comments

Comments in PHP Comment code in PHP is a line that is not executed in the program. Its only purpose is to be read by someone who is looking at the code. Comments can be used to: Let others understand your code Remind yourself of what you did – Most programmers have experienced coming back to their own work a year or two later and having to re-figure out what they did. Comments can remind you of what you were thinking when you wrote the code PHP supports several ways of commenting: Live Demo <?php // This is a single-line comment # This is also a single-line comment /*This is a multiple-lines comment block*/ ?>continue reading.